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Before the Europeans even thought about finding a way to China and accidentally found the America, a group of Indians lived in South America. These Indians were called the Incans. Incans ruled the West side of South America. The empire ran through parts of many present day countries: Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. The Incan Empire was a great civilization that thrived for many years and paved the way for modern civilation.
There are many legends that are told about how the Incan Empire came to be. One is that the Incans lived without houses until the Son of the Sun appeared. The Son taught agriculture and masonry. The people became so successful that they had enough food for everyone in the entire empire. Ten million people went without hunger and all had clothing. The second myth is that Manco Capac, First Inca King, and his seven siblings came from the caves of Pacariqtambo. These first Incans were created by the sun god Inti. Their mission was to bring civilization to the world. The final legend is that the god, Viracocha, created man out of clay and stone at Tiwanaku. Viracocha then led the people that he created to Cuzco. Viracocha left the humans to reign from the heaves. Viracocha gave deities to control the lives of humans. The dispute still continues on whether Viracocha, or Inti is the supreme god of the Incans.
Society in the Incan Empire was made up of clans and families who lived and worked together. The social structure of the Incas had the Ruler and his wives at the top. Then came the High Priest and Army Commander in Chief. Next were the Regional Army Commanders, then the Temple Priests, architects, administrators and Army Generals. Next were the artisans, musicians, army captains and the...

... middle of paper ... of the Incan culture. Mining was required in all provinces. The Incans did not value metal as much as fine cloth. Shortly after the fall of Chimu, metalworkers were sent to Cuzco. Copper, steel, and gold were all obtained from the mines. Copper and Bronze were used for farming tools and Gold and Silver were used for decorations.
The Incan Empire was a great was a great civilation that thrived and paved the way for modern society. The Incans were a very intelligent people, as shown with the conquistadors not finding Machu Picchu because of its great height. They did many great things and built even more. They could travel along a mountainside that the road was only eighty centimeters long. They were very hard workers and they were about what was better for the population. These are the people that humans of the modern day should learn from and strive to be like.

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