Inca And Aztec Similarities

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The Incan and Aztec Empire were two of the largest Mesoamerican empires to be created. Religion was one of the most important aspects in these two civilizations. The two religions had similarities and differences.

Aztec religion involved the worshipping of many gods. There was a god for almost any aspect of nature. There was a god of fire, a god of rain, a god of water. Gods were also used to symbolize other aspects of life as well. The gods could be grouped into three main groups. The first group consisted of gods of fertility and agriculture, like the god of maize (corn), which was extremely important to the Aztec people as it was their staple food, the god of water, and the god of the farming cycle, etc. the second group consisted of the creator gods. This group contained some of the most powerful of all of their gods, including Tonatiuh, the warrior god of the sun and Tezcatlipoca, the god of the night sky. The third group contained the gods of warfare, including Huitzilopochtli, the chief deity of the Aztecs. …show more content…

They believed in human sacrificed to the gods, especially to chief god Huitzilppochtli. The Aztecs sacrificed hundreds of war prisoners and other people to the gods each year. The Aztecs also had a belief that the gods before destroyed the world. Human sacrifices were a way to try to appease the gods and prevent them from destroying the world. However, the Aztecs believed that the gods would eventually blow up the world, no matter how many people they will

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