In The Red And Brown Water Essay

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Theatre as a unique, live art form does not only consist of theatrical performances that tell stories, but are significant as to how they cover certain topics that portray issues within the world. Because of this, theatre is an art form that can be used as a platform to discuss and bring awareness to issues that affect one’s community. The play, In the Red and Brown Water by Tarell Alvin Mccraney follows the upcoming of age story of Oya, a young African-American woman, that struggles to find her true self and identity within the projects of San Pere, Louisiana. With the presence of Yoruban tradition, In the Red and Brown Water explores the themes of poverty and racial injustices among minorities through the distinctive use of design clues, …show more content…

A predominant feature within this theatrical element is the incorporation of lyrical movement within the acting scenes. A group of lyrical dancers move in and out within the scenes and are used as a foreshadowing method to emphasize situations that hold a current or upcoming significance to the overall theme of the play. For example, in the beginning of the play, the dancers along with Onya are represented through an apparent dream that Elgeba, Onya’s young neighbor, has about Onya being swept away by the currents of the water. The dancers impressively portrayed this concept as the silent waves that were holding Onya up and taking her away. This foreshadowing dream shows Onya’s ultimate destiny and fall from her increasing hardships. Also, the humming and singing from the the actors and dancers throughout the play play a significant role in adding an emotional element to the overall overview of the play. The seemingly sad humming at the beginning of the play was a beautiful introduction that set an overall serious tone to the underlying issues that were at hand. Without the use of words, both of the elements of the lyrical dancers and the humming from the actors expressed meaningful emotions that continuously paved the way for the difficult situations that Onya had to

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