In The Golden Land Of America Summary

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United by a Word America is one of the most powerful and revered countries in the world, with over 300 million people residing within its borders. These people are called Americans, despite actual ethnicity, race, or culture. They are all connected because they are Americans, though in reality they are so different that America might be called a melting pot of different people, opinions, and lifestyles. An American is defined as a person who is privileged to the rights and freedoms specified in the Constitution, who has responsibilities to one’s country in return for the freedoms it gives, and ultimately is entitled to one’s very own piece of the American Dream. One of the most obvious defining traits of an American is having the rights and …show more content…

This right is exclusive to Americans, and is composed of the hopes, wishes and ambitions of residents in the United States, particularly immigrants. The American Dream is a conceived future that the person wants, and often, comes to America for. Anzia Yezierska, an immigrant coming to America from Russia in the twentieth century, describes her American Dream in “America and I”, a short story about her experiences in America: “In the golden land of flowing opportunity I was to find my work that was denied me in the sterile village of my forefathers. Here I was to be free from the dead drudgery for bread that held me down in Russia.” The reader can sense the hopefulness that an immigrating Yezierska had in America, the sureness that in America, her dream would become possible. The American Dream is an essential cultural, social, and psychological aspect of this country, and is given to everybody. It is because of the individuality, hopefulness, and optimistic essence of the American Dream that immigrants continue coming to the United States, and one more reason that the citizens of the United States are bound together into one people regardless of

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