Importance Of Satire Humor

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Many people tend to use humor as a positive communication skill to make us laugh. It has long been used as a tool to navigate how we better understand media and politics. In today's crucial times of political chaos, social unrest and in-fighting between political parties, the use of Satire humor is more relevant than ever before. According to Oxford dictionary, satire is defined as the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues. In the last decade there has been a staunch increase in technology and a rise in social media, this comes with its own benefits and downfalls. The use of satire humor has been represented through the disciplines of media and political science and has become important in not only dividing political opinion, but also holds the power to ferociously sway opinion and dangerously tarnish the reputation of political representatives. Satire humor holds an enormous amount of special formality within the structure of politics and is a light-weight power tool that can be used by the media to completely alter the structure of society. The most common way that the average person gets to experience humor when absorbing satire humor is through traditional avenues such as satirical news shows, magazines, internet articles and other social media sources. These types of shows can best be described as observational, and satirical humor. Satire humor is important to the disciplines of media and political science because it is used as a tool for powerful persuasion. Media and politic science help one another by influencing each other socially and politically. Satire Humor Used In Media Author... ... middle of paper ... ...atirical news shows, comedy sketches and current affairs television shows. Although this was the case during the Presidential bid, it interestingly enough did not cause enough ruckus to sway people to vote for opposition, Senator Hillary Clinton. By the same token, the idea of satire as a tool to encourage bias, did not succeed on this occasion. In essence, the most monumental function that satire can provide is the plator in which people can express their disdain and disgust for a political representative of whom they are not in alliance with. The notion of satire and politics being closely aligned to free speech is a fundamental draw that serves as a common denominator with people whom are from varying demographics and socio-economic backgrounds. Satire allows every day current affairs and politics, to become relatable, thus rallying interest and public attention.
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