Importance Of My Family

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Traditions importance to me stems down to the bonding between families. For as long as I can remember parties, holidays, or important events is always what kept my large family united. Enjoying each others company, catching up with one another’s lives, cracking a chuckle at a joke from one of my delusional great uncles, enjoying my great grandmothers perfectly baked pastries and cakes, and dancing; a lot of dancing. My family loved to dance because it would make everyone come together from every corner of the room to dance in harmony and unity as they danced until the sun rose. These moments were important because that is what kept everyone happy and distracted him or her from life’s daily routine. My family is from a small town in Sues Dyke, Guyana located in South America next to Brazil. Gertrude and Amos Gibson gave birth to 11 children. 3 were deceased within there first months after birth due to lack…show more content…
They all migrated to urban areas in The Bronx close enough to each other to be able to visit. In addition, my great aunt Pam was the first in our family to buy a house in which we had all of the family parties at. They all attended college in their early years being here some Medical school and others trade school. My grandmothers as well as 2 of her sisters all have a degree in nursing. My grandmother is an alumnus of Columbia University, which meant she was rarely home to tend to my mother and my uncle. So the family parties were my mothers time to spend with her own mother as well as her family members, ever since before I was born. Birthdays, Holidays, Baby Showers, and even graduation parties were all celebrated at 54 Duncan Street in the South Bronx. It was brick two-family house with a full basement in which my great grandmother lived in, as well as a spacious backyard in which we kept the