Importance Of Black Spider Monkeys

Black spider monkeys, otherwise known as Ateles Paniscus, are a species of spider monkey found in the rain-forests of eastern South America in areas north of the Amazon river. The species faces issues with hunting and the habitat loss through destruction of the tropical rain-forests in which they reside. As they prefer primary rain-forests and seldom displace themselves into disturbed habitats, they are especially vulnerable to the effects of rain-forest destruction (World Wildlife Fund). This report will outline their ecological importance in the rain-forest ecosystem (how they physically react positively/negatively with other organisms), in addition to the importance of biodiversity in the ecosystem that they reside in.

The black spider monkey’s diet primarily consists of fruits, but plant foods such as leaves, roots, wood, grains, and nuts also constitute part of their diet. As their diet consists of only plant material and no meat, they are classified as herbivores, but can be further classified as frugivores: animals that feed primarily on fruit. As they do not make their own ...

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