Illegal Immigrants Are The Problem

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Manuel Sanchez, a regular young man born and raised in Nicaragua, was happy with his life. Until, he was drafted into war. A war in which, a few months before, his older brother was killed. His options were to get killed or to kill others, but he decided to escape instead to the United States of America.” Illegal immigrants are the problem.” If I got a quarter every time I heard that, I’d be rich. Nowadays people seem to think that illegal immigrants cause chaos in the world when I believe it’s an overstatement. Illegal immigrants are depicted as those people who invade an area without authorization; those people are typically seen as low class, and uneducated. Immigrants are people who are trying to find the resources to: be safe, live well and the opportunity to look for freedom. As the years goes by, millions of unauthorized immigrants resided in the United States. Some of the illegal immigrants’ main priority is the safety of their family. “The war on drugs has evolved from a tough-sounding metaphor into a real armed conflict. Mexicans are starting to move in search of safety, seeking refuge both at home and abroad. There is plenty to flee from. The homicide rate in Mexico has rocketed--55,000 people have died since President Felipe Calderon first declared war on the cartels in 2006.” (Christopher White p.8) Illegal Immigrants came to America looking for safety trying to escape the dangerous violence that is cause by the drug wars. In Mexico, there is police corruption where they help Mexican drug lords. Many illegal immigrants risk their life escaping from violence, crossing the border with many dangerous obstacles. United States offers the safe place where their own country cannot provide them. Illegal immigrants are lookin... ... middle of paper ... ...n hold, government officials said”(S. Herman) At the end of the day all they want is freedom a place that feels free of bondage, a place that feels like home a place where there is no fear and that’s something that America can offer. United States of America is a mixing pot of different kind of cultures and races. Illegal immigrants are arriving, staying, and making U.S.A. their home. Immigrants or non-immigrants should be treated the same with kindness. “WHEN I CROSSED OVER with the three kids the first time, it was really difficult and dangerous. We almost died. The border patrol caught us and detained us for 12 hours.” (Patricia H. and Noel C.: p14) Finding the resources to: be safe, live well, and looking for freedom isn’t always easy. All illegal immigrants have their own stories, in which they risked their life to obtain as many would say “The American dream.”
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