Ignorance In Daniel Keyes Flowers For Algernon

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After being exposed to knowledge, total ignorance was no longer an option for Charlie. In the novel entitled Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes, Charlie went through three phases. His first phase was total ignorance, second was total knowledge, and the third was a mix between ignorance and knowledge. Charlie went through the first two phases bound to his mother’s actions done to him in the past. Also, in the end with a mix of ignorance and knowledge, he was able to remember some past events. Lastly, he had the ability to tell when people were not treating him nicely. Charlie is different in the end of the novel than he was in the beginning because he no longer lets his mother control him, he remembers the past, and he knows when people are making fun of him. …show more content…

He would not feel well when he saw naked people either. This was because when Charlie was peaking at Norma while she was naked in the bathroom, his mother hit him. Everytime he had a sexual thought, he would be slapped. While he was still ignorant, a naked lady showed Charlie her body, and he did not feel well when he saw it. In the end of the book, Charlie does not let his mother control him. Charlie wrote in a progress report, “She never pulls her shade down and thru my window when I put out my lights I can see her from the neck down when she comes out of the bath to dry herself. It makes me excited” (Keyes 303). He would watch a naked girl through his window, and did not feel sick. He would also look at naked girls in magazines. Charlie got over his past, and broke loose from the chains his mother bound him

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