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From the time that I could walk I had sports on my mind, walking around with a little baseball and bat or even a football. But as I grew up I found out there are even better sports than just your basic everyday high school events. The first one I seen was snocross, racing snowmobiles at high speeds with only one thing on your mind and that is to win. Soon after though came the introduction to the X-Games and it became my childhood dream to perform there with everyone screaming my name.
What I know:
The X-Games are a winter and summer time sporting event that happens each and every year. They consist of pro athletes and teams pushing the limits of the human body and the machines that they are riding. The winter X-Games are held in aspen colorado and consist of three basic sporting events where athletes have different objectives. The three categories are snowboards, skis, and snowmobiles, and all have a group for men and women, though no women have competed in any snowmobile events.
The summer X-Games were held in Los Angeles California up until now the 2014 summer X-Games have been move to Austin Texas. The X-Games are national hit for the television networks especially ESPN which is the main producer of both the winter and summer games. A lot like the winter X-Games the summer games has 5 basic events with different categories and objectives. The main five categories are moto x, mountain biking, rally car, skateboarding, and bmx.
What I Want to Find Out: The questions that I have and want to find out is why did the X-Games come to be? I want to know this because it seems like there was a lot of thought put into creating the events. I also really want to know about the scoring in each event , and how the competitors receive their winning scores? This is because it can become very difficult to tell who is winning, I may think one is winning but when it ends that

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