Humpback Whale Songs

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Essay: Humpback whale General Information about the Humpback whale:
The Humpback whale (Latin Megaptera novaeangliae) is a mammal, which belongs to the rorqual family. Humpback whale are usually 12 to 20 metres long and weight around 20 to 40 tons. The side of their stomach is white and their back is black or dark. Older Humpback whales can have a lot of barnacles on their bodies. Once an adult barnacle has settled down, it cannot change its position anymore. It will stay on the body of the Humpback whale. The maximum age a Humpback whale can reach is 40 years.
A unique feature the Humpback whale has is its very big flipper or fin. It has one of the biggest whale flippers, which can be found on planet earth. The flipper is used to change
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These whale songs can be heard by humans because Humpback whales usually swim near the coast and sing with a strong voice. Whale songs can be heard in 30 kilometres’ distance. The Humpback whale songs consist of single verses, which repeat regularly. The songs are Page 2 individual to each Humpback whale: the singing of every Humpback whale is unique and not alike. That voice or singing can even have an accent. The singing does not stay the same, it can change though the years.
With a volume of 190 decibels the singing is one of the loudest noises in the animal world, e.g. a volume of 65 decibels is considered as normal (normal talking, watching tv in low volume).
Whaling is one of the biggest problems for the Humpback whale population. Because of whaling the Humpback whale population has decreased dramatically to 125.000. Whaling became popular in the 17th century, this led to a dramatic decrease. To stop the decreasing a whaling ban was codified in 1966.
One of the reasons the Humpback whales was easy to catch is, that it swims near the coast and is smaller in comparison to other bigger whales. The Humpback whales are also known to choose the same path to hunt their food, therefore the hunters could
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