Humanistic Psychology In Shutter Island

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Introduction: One of my favorite psychological thrillers would have to be Shutter Island. It takes place in the 1950’s and stars Edward “Teddy” Daniels, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who in the movie plays a US Marshal as well as a war veteran who had been assigned an investigation regarding the disappearances of Rachel Solondo, a patient at the Ashecliffe Hospital for the criminally insane located on Shutter Island. Through his first time partner, Chuck, he learns that Rachel was admitted to the hospital after drowning her three children with no motive, leaving behind only a note that read, “the Law of 4 Who is 67?” Aside from this Teddy had other motives then just finding Rachel Solondo, he decided to take the case because in that same facility…show more content…
However, this was shown to work until the next day when he regressed back into Teddy. This leading to a bad prognosis which is also interesting because Teddy happens to be an older Caucasian male which have the worst outcome and have a higher rate of suicide something of which it would seem he did during the last scene. Also, most of the disorders he was diagnosed with are chronic and have a bad prognosis as well. Treatment: Humanistic psychology would be the way I would present his treatment. Given his last statement before going into the lobotomy treatment I believe that Andrew did not relapse, however, he lack the coping ability to live with the trauma that came with the death of his family. Andrew would have benefited form Cognitive Behavior Treatment, where patients address the origin of the problem and develop the coping skills to move past it. Also, Andrew was given Chlorpromazine, which is a medication I wouldn’t have opted out for just because of all the side effects that come with it. The first thing I would have addressed, however, would be the substance abuse and then follow through with any other therapy that I believe to be
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