How did the American Revolution affect Slaves and Women?

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The American Revolution was the cause of America trying to become independent from British grasps. People rebelled while some were pro and others were anti the main group of people that were uniquely affected were slaves and women in this great time. Rebellions were going as the revolution took place causing vivid changes in the aspects of women and slavery. It gave a new light to the women who had been looked down on the predominately controlled man society and hope for slaveries who helped fight the cause. These two groups were favorably affected by the changes brought by this war by furthering women rebellions as well as giving them many benefits from the ideals of the revolution, and not to mention slave’s role being a main factor in the war as they try to find freedom and with the lasting results from the revolution.
Many women were drawn into the revolution as consumers. Since men were not home they were the main people to maintain the colonial economy. They had furthered rebellions by eagerly participating in boycotts of the 1760s and the 1770s (Oakes, James). Women identified with the goals of the revolution and often led riots against merchants being unfair with what they are selling. Women also decided it was time to point out political ideals. Some pointed out that the right to be taxed should be applied to one’s own representation too (Oakes, James). In the book Of the People, Abagail said, “If ladies are not cared for and paid attention then rebellions will start on their behalf” (Oakes, James). The revolution challenged the idea the woman lacked independent minds since there weren’t allowed to think for themselves. Reformers, many of them women argued that if women appeared incapable or not seeming intelligent, it...

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