How To Cut A Pomegranate Imtiaz Dharker Analysis

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Task 2 A In this short text I am going to talk about the text “How to cut a pomegranate” which I have chosen from the “Perspectives Magazine”. However, I am going to describe about something that I found interesting from the text and also give reasons for that by my own opinions. The text “How to cut a pomegranate” written by Imtiaz Dharker is a poem about that the I-person learns a useful lesson from her father about how to treat the valuable things of her heritage. Something which I found interesting about the poem is that the pomegranate seeds get described as they were the jewels of the culture. That means the seeds are described as something dear and precious which contains the uniqueness of each single part of the tradition. The reason why I found that interesting was because the seeds are used as a symbol for the word heritage. In a way that the seeds are the individuality and similarity of culture and traditions. Task 1 A I am going to write a short text about the newspaper article “Native American Heritage Month”. In this text I am…show more content…
Which is a text about the priority of keeping tribal heritage and culture alive for American Indians in their families and communities. Names can be very significant when it comes to heritage and identity. “Keeping her family’s names alive is important to Sunray” One of the reasons could be because to be attached to your tradition in a more easily way. However, it could also be a way to have ability to restore the connection of the tribe and culture through your own name. “For us as a family, we wanted to reconnect our children to their tribal culture in a way of naming them”. Compared to the text “How to cut a pomegranate” has the text “Native American Heritage Month” the same message. However, that means both of the text reflects on the main message which is that heritage has a big impact in your life, but also perhaps to shape your
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