How Is Japanese Internment Justified

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During 1941 many Americans were on edge as they became increasingly more involved in WWII. On December 7, 1941 the Japanese decided to take matters to their own hands. They attacked the naval base Pearl Harbor and killed 68 Americans in order to prevent the U.S. Pacific Fleet from interfering with their military. After this surprise attack, the Americans officially entered the war, which caused many people to become paranoid (Baughman). Many people feared the Japanese because they thought they were spies for Japan, and because of this the Executive Order 9066 was signed and issued by FDR which sent many Japanese Americans to live in internment camps (Roosevelt). This caused the Japanese to become a scapegoat of America’s fear and anger. The Issei and Nisei who once moved to this country to find new opportunities and
For example, in Dr. Seuss’ political cartoon many Japanese Americans are lined up to get TNT and waiting for a signal from Japan to attack (Seuss). This shows how unlikely it was for them to actually attack us and how trying to protect us from them isn’t really the strongest motivation for Japanese American internment. Also, many other countries decided not to make Japanese internment camps to protect their citizens as it was unneeded (WiA). This also shows that Japanese American internment camps were unnecessary for our protection. Some people may say that internment camps were justified because many American citizens were fearful for themselves and their country. While this is correct, there could have been a better way to protect us other than forcing an entire race into internment camps. Because of this, it's obvious that the main motivation for Japanese American internment was racial attitudes towards Japanese

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  • Explains that many americans were on edge as they became more involved in wwii. the japanese attacked pearl harbor and killed 68 americans to prevent the u.s. pacific fleet from interfering with their military.
  • Explains that many americans wanted the japanese americans living in the west coast to leave the country due to their race. after pearl harbor, they alienated them and petitioned to deport them.
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