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People may say that the people who survived the Holocaust were lucky, but in reality they weren’t. They faced horrors that are unimaginable, they changed and they have to live with the monstrosity that the faced. This essay is about how Elie Wiesel, holocaust survivor and winner of Nobel peace prize, changed during the Holocaust. The book Night is a novel about how Elie Wiesel survived the Holocaust and how he changed during the Holocaust. The book shows how a Elie changed in the concentration camp In the novel, “Night” by Elie Wiesel, the main character, Elie was affected by the events in the book because he, was poignant shifted, losing/lost faith, and his life in the camps. The first way that Elie Wiesel was affected in the Holocaust was emotionally. Noted in the book “ I shall not describe my life during that period. It no longer mattered. Since my father's death, nothing mattered to me anymore (113 page).” This piece of evidence shows that Elie was affected emotionally after his father's death because he no longer cared what happened in his life in camp and he was emotionally hurt. Nevertheless, he said that after his dad died he only had one desire, to eat . On page 39 …show more content…

As stated in the text “Why would I bless Him(God). He causes thousands of children to burn. He created Auschwitz.” (67 page). This shows that he hates God for making millions of people to die and making the killing center, Auschwitz and other camps. In fact, as noted on page 69 “ I no longer accepted God's silence… I turned that act(not fasting) into a symbol of rebellion of protest against Him. “ This shows that Elie no longer accepts God for allowing this to happen and will not pray to God because of this. In addition, ironically in the beginning of the book he wanted to became a person who studied God ,but towards the end of the book he didn’t believe in God after all he has when though and the horrors he had

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how elie wiesel, holocaust survivor and nobel peace prize winner, changed during the holocaust in the novel "night".
  • Analyzes how elie wiesel was affected emotionally after his father's death because he no longer cared about what happened in his life in camp and was emotionally hurt.
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