How Does Drake Impact The Community

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Drake, some people may call him the legend of rap music. Drake released his first album in 2006, and he has been dropping songs ever since. Drake released his hit “God’s Plan” earlier this year, and it blew up. What he decided to do after the release was simply amazing. Drake is an influential role model of generosity and charity through his actions of donating to schools funds, donating to Women in poverty, and funding for school programs. Drake impacted a young woman by donating to her school funds. “After his visit to the high school, Drake, whose given name is Aubrey Graham, went on to the University of Miami, where he surprised a student with a $50,000 scholarship”. Drake donated 50,000 dollars to a girl that couldn’t afford to go to college. With that 50,000 check she used it to get into the college she dreamed of getting into. His act was important because it impacted that girls whole entire life. College is very expensive now a days and that helped her to get through the funding. Also maybe that girl will give back to her community just as Drake did. This is how Drake impacted this young woman. …show more content…

“Drake unexpectedly dropped by a Miami shelter for people experiencing homelessness, armed with a $50,000 check and other gifts”. Explain meaning of quote: Drake showed up at a Woman and children homeless shelter and surprised them with 50,000, gifts, and toys for the little ones. To just show up and give money to people who actually need it is truly an amazing thing. Drake impacted many people including the woman and children staying at that shelter. 50,000 dollars is a lot of money that could be used to make the shelter a better atmosphere. Also the people working there also were impacted because it gives them a better attitude about working there. This is how Drake impacted many

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