How Does Culture Change The World

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Culture is the way you make yourself individual from others but the question is can culture change the way you see the world around you? Can it change the perspective you have on life or anything like that? Some people say all it does is determine who you are but culture changes the way you see and do everything. In the short story “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker in two essays, “An Indian Father's Plea” by Robert Lake and “Where Worlds Collide”by Pico Iyer they give strong examples of the way you view the world due your culture. Your culture affects the way you view the world and others.

In the story “Indian Father's Plea” it shows a few examples of how culture can change the view of everyday life. In the story there is a boy
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In the short story “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker it gives a pretty vivid example of the way someone views the world due to their culture in the story it talks about a character named Dee; she had the opportunity to go to a school away from her home. Dee’s younger sister Maggie didn’t have the same opportunity. Maggie didn’t go to school she stayed home and was pretty sheltered. Maggie is a shy, respectful and peaceful person and since Dee went school far away her personality changed. Dee became a more confident and inconsiderate person. Dee wasn’t around the culture she grew up in and she started to adapt to her new cultur.. Dee started to act like the world owed her, while Maggie was there to bring peace. Dee was wanting the quilts her mom had, but she already promised them to Maggie. Dee got really upset and tried convincing her that Maggie didn’t need them and her mom still didn’t budge. Maggie being the peace holder said Dee can have them and that she didn’t mind. “She can have them mama, she said, like somebody used to never winning anything or having anything reserved for her”. Dee was exposed to more cultures than Maggie and they both viewed the world…show more content…
one example of culture does influence the way someone looks at something would be when the tourists go to a pizza parlor and they look at the price of the pizza. To them in their home town the pizza might be cheaper than it is in LA. “the snack bar where a slice of pizza costs $3.19 (18 quetzals, they think in horror, or 35,000 dong). Another reason would be all they could see was smoggy haze and billboards when they were expecting to see the palm trees and blue skies they would see on T.V. “ the blue skies and palm trees they saw on T.V. are scarcely visible from here:just a undifferentiated smoggy haze, billboards advertizing Nissan and Panasonic and Canon..”. Although culture can change the way you view thing it isn't always like that. For example when korean tourists go to L.A. they take the shuttle to korea town and they feel like they haven't left home because they have a part of their culture there. “ they see koreans piling into the taeguk airport shuttle and the seoul shuttle, which will take them to korea town without their ever feeling they've left
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