How Did Thomas Paine's Life Shape His Ideas

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807 words

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History 1301
Thomas Kelly
September 26, 2014
Book exam – 46 pages, Thomas Paine, Common Sense, and the Turning Point to Independence
1. Chapter 2 and 3 discuss Thomas Panie’s life, his move to North America, and the delelopment of his ideas about English govement. Using these chapters as the basic of your answer, descreibe how poor Englishman became perhaps the most significant, ideological architect of American independence. What in his personal life made him so anti-English? How did his life shape his ideas?
Thomas Paine was born in England in 1737 to a Quaker father in the small town of Thetford. His father’s beliefs and values shaped the Paine’s way of thinking. Although Paine never became like his father , he expressed …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how thomas paine, common sense, and the turning point to independence are discussed in chapters 2 and 3.
  • Explains that thomas paine was born in england in 1737 to a quaker father in the small town of thetford. his beliefs and values shaped his way of thinking.
  • Describes how paine reached out to the people through his writings. his ideologies became the basis of popular american beliefs. he came to america while the conflict of england and american was aligned.
  • Describes how paine's ship docked in philadelphia, pennsylvania, in november 1774. the colony had a population of 30,000, making it the largest city in america.
  • Analyzes how american crisis displayed the cause of america to the colonist. paine defended that cause, and ultimately supported it.
  • Analyzes how paine argues that the difference between king and subject had become unnatural and that hereditary succession was a poor practice.
  • Analyzes how thomas paine's common sense was a voice of encouragement and praise for the actions of the military.

Not long after his arrival, Paine was already reaching out to the people through his writings. Paine’s writing were offered in such a way that made people easily to understand, comfortable, and comprehensible to the uneducated, underclass in the America. Eventualy, Paine’s ideologies became the basis of popular American beliefs. He came to America while the conflict of England and American was aligned, as an excise man. After many years, live and see the dark side of the English government was created for Panie the disagreements that can not resolve. Those disagreement was the advances for Paine in a revolution against the same government.
In November of 1774, Paine’ ship docked in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the time, the colony had a population of 30,000, making it the largest city in America. Philadelphia was the center of colonial events. From the first continental congress to the everyday information, there was always something going on. Paine was fortunate enough to be right in the middle of it. It was here that Paine began writing for Pennsylvania Magazine, the most popular magazine in the colonies. He began to find pleasure in his writing and was glad to have found a way to express his voice . It was an innovative time and place, and if not for Paine’s timing, he would not have gained the cultural influences that the city provided for

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