How Did Society Influence The Victorian Society

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When Queen Victoria took the throne, the role of the monarchy became more symbolic. She brought youth to the throne, where previously ruthless men had controlled the monarchy. Queen Victoria helped support the Whig party and helped alleviate criticism toward the monarchy. Since she was bringing more of a symbolic role to the monarchy, it became even more common for the job of the ruler to serve as a symbolic head of the state. As in all rulers, she had her own views in politics. However, she did not always influence these views directly. Although the way she stated her views was important, there were other things that represented who she was. Being a mother, widow, and monarch was some of her best traits. It is obvious that she had a big impact on the Victorian Era, and more importantly the Victorian women (Elliott,…show more content…
Many workplaces hired women and children, because they did not have to pay them much and they had good work ethic. Goods that were in high demand at the time were found in factories and sweatshops, which often categorized them as more feminine. Textiles, pottery, clothing, and victualing were all on the verge of emerging. It was a great time for female work to emerge, because women wanted work and would be happy to work for any sort of wage- big or small. As women became more prevalent in the workforce, they were given more opportunities in making the decisions in the family and the community (Hudson, 2011, Para 13). Women did not always have the rights that women today have. It took much time to gain the equality. As women paved the way in the workforce and took the low paying wages, they were only making a name for themselves. Looking back on history, it was obvious that women in the Victorian age really did allow women today to have much freedom. It is almost unheard of for women today not to work. Now, women even earn the same wages as
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