Horse Training Methods Measured Against Success Criteria

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Success in the equestrian world can be difficult to achieve. There are many different principles and ideas as to how it can be accomplished. There are a variety of horses, disciplines, and trainers. Training a young horse can be a difficult task, and often for beginning trainers a confusing task as well. Striking out on one’s own and deciding how to train a horse is a highly debated project. Many trainers choose to either follow the treaded path of traditional training methods or natural horsemanship techniques. As an animal science major, it is important for my career to decide how I will approach training, and stay strong to my decision. It is a choice to be carefully considered; which school of thought, natural horsemanship techniques, traditional training methods, or alternative training will I obey through my career?

In choosing which method to follow, the factors to consider weigh heavily on my beliefs. Some individuals measure success by how famous they become, or how rich they are. I do not. The important criteria for my success are, developing confidence, using a method of training that is right for each horse, and becoming self-sufficient. The disciplines each have their own methods and finding a place in the horse world where my beliefs are fulfilled is important to my personal success.

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can't - you are right”(Ford). Confidence is the key to any form of success. If one does not believe in themselves, others cannot possibly put their trust in them. Confidence shows one takes pride in one’s work, and it is a demonstration of self-esteem. There will be situations throughout my career where my knowledge and opinions will be challenged. By being confident and not ...

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...aining methods will create a self-sufficiency based on the needs of the horse I am working at and the confidence shown in the horse after it is through with my training program. My beliefs are important and will be considered each time I make a business choice; will this decision be the best for the horse? Does it take steps towards confidence and self-sufficiency? When business decisions are based on these questions, personal success in the equestrian world will be achieved.

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