Horrible Working Conditions During the Industrial Revolution

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After the civil war, up until the early 1900s, the need for a larger workforce grew as industrialization expanded. Samuel Slater brought the industrial revolution from England, and even since then, there were people trying to get better working conditions. Due to the growth in population by immigrants and expansion of industrialization, the working conditions became worse and worse, causing workers to suffer. Many people fought to solve this problem and changed many American’s lives for the better.

The working conditions in factories were so bad during this time that it often led to sickness, injuries and death. People who worked in mines had to face many dangerous disadvantages every day. The working conditions in mines were very unsafe, with top rock falling on top of workers, often crushing them to death. The powder, smoke, and bad air caused miners to suffer from lung diseases such as “black lung”. Children also began to work in mines and lost their education at young ages. These children often developed health issues such as “miners’ asthma” due to the bad air in the mine. Not only was the work laborious and dangerous, but miners also received low pay. The majority of profits went to those who owned the mine (Doc 1).

For those who worked in factories, life wasn’t any better. Workers received very low pay and worked long hours. Some workers had to work seven days a week, and sometimes those workers were children. Workers under 16 had to labor long hours and received even less the pay as an adult. The factories were unsafe as well, so not only were workers receiving low wages, but they also were putting their lives at risks. Women’s hair would get caught in machines, limbs would get stuck in a machine, and children would fall...

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...labor in sweatshops. Jane Addams and Jacob Riis increased awareness of problems in child labor. Others also exposed business abuses that put the safety of the workers at risk. Sanitation issues, fire hazards, and machines quality were all brought to attention and eventually addressed by President Roosevelt.

Child labor was eventually put to rest and workers started to receive the rights they deserve. No one should have to suffer working in deadly conditions for insensible amounts of time for very little pay. There were many problems that came with the industrial revolution, although we wouldn’t have the lives we do if it didn’t happen. Eventually, the government, union groups, and courageous individuals took the initiative to improve the lives of Americans. By the early 1900s, working conditions improved and the value of a working man increased as it should.
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