Homosexuality is a Choice Rather than Genetics

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Many people now believe the reporting of many popular newspapers and magazines report of the "discovery" of a link between a certain gene and homosexuality, but hasn't it been considered a choice for such a long time? Is homosexuality a choice rather than genetic? To answer this question we'll start off by revealing some myths of homosexuality. The next part will explain the difference between a behavioral trait and a genetic trait. Finally I'll end be unveiling the truth behind the "homosexual gene." There are many things that the homosexual activists say are true, but those "truths" are merely myths in need of correction. The first of these myths says homosexuals are normal, healthy, everyday people, but on the contrary they are usually less psychologically healthy than the average person. Research shows that homosexuals are substantially higher risk for emotional problems like suicidal tendencies. Major depression, and conduct disorders, and another study showed that a substantial percentage of homosexuals report some illegal drug use. The second myth up for discussion says the Bible doesn't condemn homosexuality it only condemns promiscuity, which couldn't be further from the truth, the fact is that, through the Bible, God clearly condemns any sexual act outside of a monogamous, heterosexual marriage. Many places through the Bible God condemns homosexuality, in the Law of Moses it is called an abomination and the book of Romans says that they lift the natural for the unnatural, doing what is shameful and their bodies receiving the due penalty for their wrongs. The third myth says that homosexuals are born that way where as the truth is there is no evidence to support the statement that a person can be born homosexual. The stu... ... middle of paper ... ...not consistent with the genetic model. In 1989 several years before the study by Dean Hamer was done researchers in Canada and at Stanford Medical School conducted a similar study to Hamer's. The study they did used more people and yet they came to a much different conclusion than what Hamer came to even though they had more study subjects than what Hamer had. The conclusion they came to found that there was no link between Xq28 and homosexuality. One researcher said that the homosexual issue was so complex that more than 8,000subjects are needed for a study to confirm a behavioral trait as genetic. So in conclusion, is homosexuality a choice rather than genetic? The evidence appears to be in total favor that homosexuality is a choice rather than genetic. The main reason for this is because Dean Hamer and the media had to support false research and false information.
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