Homelessness And Substance Abuse Essay

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Homelessness and Substance Abuse

According to case management principles, homelessness and substance abuse are of a significant concern. Many case workers are given the opportunity to work directly with this vulnerable population. In Houston, there have been many resources created in the name of this desperate need for rehabilitation of women, men and children suffering from these afflictions. Although many homeless addicts do fall through the cracks in regards to other disorders that do cause those to become homeless, such as mental illness and abuse. Some case management interventions work with participants that completed a self-administered survey that collected data on demographics and exposure to psychological trauma and how it affects; …show more content…

Case management must believe in the autonomy of the client. We must be committed to the process and we will implement the principles taught in order to obtain total client participation and empowerment (Woodside & McClam, 2013). The drugs are not the only problem; the way of life that has debilitated them and left them on the streets has to be addressed and the case manager has to look at the back story that has delivered the addict to their current situation. Those that suffer from abuse, mental illness and/or trauma creates a person that only knows how to cope with life by turning to substances for an escape from reality. In case management, there are many problems in working with the homeless addicted population. This population finds it difficult to maintain or keep up with any goals, so it would have to be the social workers main objective to keep the lines of trust and communication open for greater outcomes at every level of treatment. It is a challenge and the case manager has discovered that if the approach is multidimensional; the addiction can be combated by providing hope and a chance to break free from these cycles of addictions leading to a better way of

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