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St Louis has changed their dominant political arty throughout the years, such as the United States have because of the ideas of the political parties. At the creation of St. Louis the mayors were all whigs 1823-1842 (St. Louis Public Library 2001), the whig party was created to go against Andrew Jackson and his ideas implemented to the U.S. From the years1842-1857 the political parties switched from democratics to know nothings/American and whigs party (St. Louis Public Library 2001). Than from 1857-1943 St. Louis was changing from a democratic and republican mayor frequently and no party was able to hold office for more than 3 terms (St. Louis Public Library 2001). From 1953 to the present there was a change all of the mayors that were elected to office in St. Louis were all democrats (St. Louis Public Library 2001). However, because St. Louis is more of a machine type government the mayor is an important factor but it is the alderman that are seen as controlling the city and that position is more valuable than the mayors. One factor that could contribute to the reason why St. Louis is democratic since 1949 is because of population loss by suburbanization (Mark Groth 2010), or because most of the population is black and more black tend to vote more democratic.
Just like most cities around the United States St. Louis has been effected by racial issues, most of the issues in St. Louis surrounded the equal rights for blacks. One of the major issues that occurred was the housing issue. Housing was a large aspect of racial divide between whites and blacks. Whites and real estate agents would not allow blacks to live in certain areas, this not only happened in St. Louis but in Baltimore and Chicago. These areas would be predominant...

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...way was looked at as a boundary of race. St. Louis is now hubs for rail, truck and airline transportation (Worldmark Encyclopedia of the States 2007). This is an attempt for St. Louis to try and grow their economy and thus eventually become as strong as it once was.
St. Louis has been a troubling city recently with their city economy not doing well and there is still crime. Consequently the major policies that have been arising in St. Louis have mainly been to help the city and its people economically such as, taxing exercise, changing from dividing up money to wards to instead use a point based system, and approving of block grants. These new policies were either set by the state of Missouri and have affected St. Louis in a negative or positive way or set by the St. Louis government to aid their city to develop their economy and become the city that it use to be.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that st. louis has changed their dominant political arty throughout the years, such as the united states have because of the ideas of political parties.
  • Explains that st. louis has been effected by racial issues, but the housing issue was a major issue. the case shelley v. kraemer 1948 was an important case that outlawed restrictive covenants.
  • Explains that the desegregation of schools in st. louis city was an important issue. the committee for social services among colored people created services and created jobs for the city community.
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