History Of The Star Spangled Banner

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Over the years people have often questioned our national anthem. The real question is should the national anthem be the Star Spangled Banner, or America the Beautiful? Let’s go back and take a look at history on both songs.
Major George Armistead arrived in Baltimore, Maryland, in June, 1813, to take command of Fort McHenry. Fort McHenry was built so it could guard the water entrance to the city. George Armistead ordered Mary Pickersgill, a flag maker from Baltimore, to sew two flags for the fort: a small one, and a large one. Mary was hired under a government contract, and she was assisted by her daughter, her two nieces, and an indentured African-American girl. The large flag of the two flags would soon be known as the Star-Spangled Banner.
The first Flag Act, which was adopted on June 14, 1777, created the original United States flag of the thirteen stars and the thirteen stripes. The second Flag Act approved by congress provided the Star-Spangled Banner with fifteen stars and fifteen stripes. Vermont and Kentucky joined the Union which gave the Star-Spangled Banner the additional stars and stripes. Finally, the third Flag Act, passed on April 4, 1818, provided the number of stripes back to thirteen in honor of the original thirteen colonies and provided for one star for each state. However, the making of the flag is just the beginning. It’s the war of 1812 that gave the flag a song.
The War of 1812 is a little-known war in American history. The conflict of the war helped establish the credibility of the young United States among other nations. It also promoted a strong sense of national pride among the American people. These patriotic feelings are reflected and preserved in the song we know today as our national anthem...

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...e of the songs being considered as the U.S. national anthem before "Star Spangled Banner" was officially chosen.” Going along with what Eppie said, America the Beautiful is really the unofficial national anthem, even though it was considered the U.S. national anthem before Star-Spangled Banner.
The Star-Spangled Banner portrays the flag, and over generations Americans have invested the flag with their own meanings and memories. Not going against what the lyrics are in America the Beautiful, but America the Beautiful portrays America as one whereas the Star-Spangled Banner portrays the flag, and the memories that have been gathered with it as it grew older. However, considering the fact that the war of 1812 is more or less a forgotten war in American history others agree that America the Beautiful is a more suitable song that should be played as our national anthem.
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