History Of Quilting

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Quilting has been around before the European settlers arrived in the New World. A quilt is a sandwich type cloth with a layers of fabric, padding, you sew two or more materials together. The word “quilt” comes from the latin word “culcita” which means stuffed sack, According to Johnson “but it came into the English language from the French word cuilte.” (Johnson, 2016). Quilting can be traced back to ancient egypt and china, later in the eleventh century and in the eighteenth century. Quilts were first brought to the American colonies during this century,”Very few examples of quilts from the early years in America have survived. Those that have tend to be fine quilts that were used for special occasions by those who
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Most of the time these quilts were often floral design and had geometric patterns. Whole cloth quilts will sometimes have the appearance of a solid fabric but is actually composed of strips of fabric. The whole quilt cloth seeked appearance in Italy, France, and England they were introduced in the 17th century. According to women folk “Many whole-cloth quilts were made with glazed wool and wool batting. They were often in bold colors, particularly the colorfast indigo and red” (America’s quilting history, n.d.) Whole cloth quilts were elegant, and demanded, they were a very popular style in the 1800’s. This requires delicate…show more content…
Another quilt from when the first settlers that arrived is the patchwork quilt it is composed of many different shapes of cloth making it into a larger shape. Evidence shows that it could be recorded back to the egyptian times and were found in tombs and in china “A few very old examples of patchwork have been discovered. A quilted funeral tent canopy was found in the tomb of Queen Esi-mem-kev of Egypt, who lived about 980 BC. In 1903 a carved ivory figure of a Pharoah from the Egyptian First Dynasty c3400 BC was discovered.” (Helen page, 1999). Although it was a quilt it could be made into clothing such as jackets, skirts and other items. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, the Victorian era was the Crazy quilt “To the Victorians the word "crazy" not only meant wild but also broken or crazed into splinters; a good description of the look the various triangles and other odd shapes gave to these quilts.” (Crazy quilt history: A Victorian craze, n,d). In the 1880’s is when the crazy quilt reached its peak, this type of quilts had wool, silk, cotton, and linen. They were in the shape of a block and the pieces were all crazy
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