History Of Donald Sterling Vs. The NBA

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Donald Sterling vs. the NBA Donald Sterling was finally caught in the act. Now he must face the consequences and possibly lose everything that he has worked for. He owned one of the best upcoming teams in the NBA. Now all that is gone because of his racist comments he made towards his girlfriend. He has been banned from the NBA for life; he’s getting fined 2.5 Million dollars and is possibly going to be forced to sell his team. Donald Sterling is the owner of the NBA team, the Los Angeles Clippers. He first bought the team in 1981. When he bought the team they were located in San Diego. Then he moved the team to Los Angeles in 198. He moved the team without the consent of the NBA, which caused him to get fined 25 million dollars. So, his troubles with the league have occurred before in the past, so he is no stranger to getting in trouble by the league. This time his troubles with the league and the players in it reoccurred, and it is much more severe this time. This time his actions were bigger because it was directed to a certain race of people. Since there are black people in the league and on his team it was taken to a whole new level. This time instead of him being just fined he became banned from the NBA and he got fined. He was caught making racist remarks toward to his girlfriend. I believe that the things that were said in the conversation have been said before that is why she recorded it this time. She was possibly angry at him, because she was getting sued by his wife for the return of a lot of things she said Mr. Sterling bought for her. So, I believe she did all of this to get back at him and his family for suing her. Everything all started on April 25, 2014, because of his current girlfriends actions. Her name i... ... middle of paper ... ...ink racism should be around anymore because that was way before our time. We never lived during that so I don’t think we should try to recreate it. When Donald Sterling said that, he was not thinking about the fact that he has players on his team that are black. Most of the players in the NBA are predominately black. One of his superstar players is black and is the president of the NBA Players Association, Chris Paul. Chris Paul spoke out and stated that they would take action aggressively and immediately, and because of everyone speaking up the end result was Donald Sterling getting banned and fined 2.5 million dollars. In the end I believe the NBA commissioner Adam Silver made the right decision on banning and fining Donald Sterling. This shows his leadership skills and shows that he will not tolerate anything that could jeopardize the league and its players.

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