History Of China 's Development Of Their Writing System

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The history of China is one that is long, ancient and never ending changing from dynasty to another. Their culture, and mind, are quite similar yet different compared to the many Mediterranean civilizations we have talked about in the past. The most major difference is simply the size of any dynasty of china, they have so much land area where they can produce many different things in great volume. There are five specific historical events, and evidence that they produced and heavily influenced the development of the Chinese civilizations. The first historical evidence in the development of china is the development of their writing system. All civilizations have some form of written literature, and in the Chinese written language can be seen in the Scapulimancy writings in the Shang era. This period was between 1766-1122 BCE, and the language became or looked like the modern day Chinese language. Where of course most Germanic languages follow some kind of alphabet, the Writings show the typical Chinese characters/symbols. These Scapulimancy writings demonstrations as evidence to show their writing to record history and for religious practices during the Shang era. In any civilizations, a language or written word is essential to every citizen and it is a key breakthrough for the modern Chinese language. The second historical evidence in china, is the end of the Shang era to the start of the Zhou dynasty. This change of dynasties/era has a number of important effects and impacts on china’s history. The Zhou era started about late 12th century, after revolting against their Shang masters. They eventually got complete power in 1045 BCE when winning the battle of Muye. The reason why this coming to power for the Zhou is importan... ... middle of paper ... .... The rulers of the Qin dynasty eventually unified china and created a program of the imperial system in china. This even lasted into modern times and was a change in the Chinese history. One other thing that came from this regime was the Great Wall of China which like the increase of the military was practice to protect the country from invaders. Through this and other industries, things became for modern in the writing system and ideologies to become a standard in such a big country. China is such a big country and although it is unified there is still many different things that people believe or practice. In China although there can be divides in things, most of the things all became strong or appeared during this evolutionary change or culture changes in ancient china. If these things in ancient China didn’t happen, modern China would be a different place.
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