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“Terrorism has once again shown it is prepared deliberately to stop at nothing in creating human victims. An end must be put to this. As never before, it is vital to unite forces of the entire world community against terror.” - Vladimir Putin Introduction In many of todays advanced societies, the word terrorism has been synonymously associated with violent instances of Muslim extremism carried out by the international terror group Al Qaeda. As worldwide attention remains fixated on the retraction of NATO troops from wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran has extended its influence into failing nations including Syria, Africa, South and Central America, Cuba, and Mexico, through the implantation of their radical state-sponsored terrorist faction, The Hezbollah. [16] With the assistance of the Iranian government, and the paramilitary organization Quds Force, (Arabic for “Jerusalem Force” or “The Holy Force”,) Hezbollah operatives have been clandestinely stationing themselves within deteriorating nation-states across the globe with the intention of bolstering international support for the Iranian agenda. [1] As the Hezbollah continue their expansion with increasing proximity to the North American border, and the Iranian governments continues with their persistent state sponsorship of terror activities, is Iran capable of effectuating a large scale act of terror on American soil? Literature Review The Hezbollah (Translating to “Party of God,”) [19] are a three part movement within one aggregation. First, according to their history, The Hezbollah describe themselves as a resistance movement. Formed in the 1980’s, the expressed function of Hezbollah was to relegate Israel of its position in civil-war torn Lebanon. [5] Next, the ... ... middle of paper ... ...d fail as an option due to logistical constraints, and despite propaganda released by President Rouhani, Iran currently does not possess the technological or nuclear capabilities to strike the United States through the use of a long range ballistic missile.[20] Through the implantation of Hezbollah operatives in Mexico, Iran has made a sound strategical move allowing for the establishment of numerous sleeper cells in more than a dozen American cities including Charlotte, North Carolina, Chicago, Illinois, Detroit Michigan, and New York, New York. [14] Due to the formation of sleeper cells within America, Hezbollah operatives may execute an act of terror on American soil, pending Iran’s order to attack. It is imperative for law makers to continue studying the patterns and communications of Hezbollah in America to become better situated to assess their future plans.

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