Hewlett Packard Case Study

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Hewlett Packard – Recommendations An important phase in the decision making process is evaluating the decision-making process. This process involves collecting information pertaining to how well the decision is working and if the targeted outcomes are being hit. Many indicators to analyze this data need to be quantifiable goals. Quantifiable goals such as sales targets, profit and loss data, order fulfillment data and other important metrics will help indicate weaknesses and strengths when measuring whether or not the desired outcomes are being met. Other criteria such as qualitative information can be useful when measuring a positive or negative conclusion to the decision. Consumer feedback is one of the most powerful forms of qualitative…show more content…
Sears reported overwhelming losses during the 2015 holiday season in which is the sensitive period when many retailers count on making large enough sales to offset the slower business months. However, the retail sales did not materialize for Sears and this terrible disappointment does not bode well for their future as a player in the retail housewares industry. While the company is still making positive statements to vendors of their ability to stay liquid, many analysts highlight a much more serious problem for its future; consumers have abandoned Sears as destination store. I have a hard time envisioning Sears recapturing their momentum as a major hardline retailer. Sears undoubtedly has many tough decisions regarding its future. Aside from closing stores, reducing costs and trying to restructure their retail market strategy, they need to change consumer perception of what it means to be a Sears customer. Like Hewlett- Packard, Sears is losing touch with their consumer is this rapidly changing market. So to start, here are my recommendations to Sears Inc. o Invest in market research and collect data prior to entering the decision-making phases. Collect vertical market data, consumer trend data and differing target demographic data that details what consumers are looking for, what consumers want to buy, what is important to them individually as…show more content…
Tesla Motors Inc., a leading electric car manufacturer led by CEO Elon Musk, is a gleaming example of a company that prioritizes constant product innovation while staying in touch with consumer demand. Traditional product innovation methods like focus groups and formal market research can be time consuming and financially burdening because of the large amount of strategic planning involved and the large amount of expended resources needed. While Tesla faces many contrasting decisions when compared to the previous companies mentioned, Tesla’s decisions surround developing a sustainable growth strategy, reinvesting into product innovation and maintain their position of a recognized market leader in the electric vehicle industry. While Tesla still is taking risk in bringing high end (and high expense) vehicles to market the must still employ an Incremental model of making decisions. An Incremental model of decision-making occurs when decision makers make small decisions, take little steps, and move cautiously toward achieving a much larger solution. An example of an incremental model is related to accounting principles and budget creation. The budget process in which typically begins with financial reports based off of the previous period are used to make incremental decisions. Allocating enough money sustains

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