Hauntings on the Island of the Alcatraz Prison

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Have you ever heard of the hauntings on the island of the Alcatraz prison? About the ghostly sightings, freezing cells, extra counts, and mysterious murders? Are these real life sightings or just some legends told around the campfire? The stories are about the man with the glowing eyes, Cellblock D, and the lighthouse. To this day the ghosts still roam the abandoned cells and linger in the empty halls waiting to be noticed.

The Island of Alcatraz started construction in the 1850’s and in 1861 the first unlucky prisoners stepped onto the island. The island was now a fully functional high security prison. In 1868 the prison was designated for military convicts and soon the worst offenders were sentenced to life on the island. The island was surrounded by frigid waters and sharks in the bay helped prevent ideas of escape. Some escape plans were put into motion but none fully succeeded. Many convicts found that Alcatraz ended their career in crime, while some found that Alcatraz was the end of their lives. Although the prison was the most secure and safest place to keep these convicts, the prison was shut down in 1963, after over 100 years of service, due to high maintenance costs of bringing materials and sustaining human life on the island. Ever since the prison opened, unexplained occurrences have been reported and no explanation has ever been confirmed.

The infamous Cell Block D, also known as the isolation chambers, is believed to be the most haunted part of the island. “The most haunted area on Alcatraz, is the "D" cell block, or solitary, as it was often called.” Inside these chambers there has been extremely cold cells, a murder, and ghostly sounds and sightings. Inside cell 14-D is where a prisoner was found dead after b...

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