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Harry Potter In the past couple years, there has been a growing phenomenon in the world of children's literature, this phenomenon is Harry Potter. J.K. Rowlings series of novels about a young wizard and his years at "Hogwarts School of Wizarding and Witchcraft," has become one of the most successful children's book series of all time. Before reading any of the now four novels, one may find it hard to believe that a children's novel may be so entertaining. But once one starts reading any of the four books, it is plain to see why these books are so popular. Before first reading a Harry Potter novel, I was skeptical that a children's book about an orphan wizard going to school would be entertaining. But within 15 minutes I found myself unable to stop reading. There are many elements, which contribute to this novels addictiveness. The character development is simple yet complex enough to get an adult reader interested. From the large gentle giant Hagrid, to the malicious trouble maker Lucious Malfoy. Another aspect which I believe makes the novel so great, is the authors wri...

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