Half Brother's Mother: Summary

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PER REPORTER: Shana said she received a report from Sylvia Martin who claims to be Baylee’s half-brother’s mother. Shana said according to Sylvia, Baylee keeps getting scabies, her mother does pills she does have a prescription for around her, her mother got a nipple and nose piercing while Baylee watched, and her mother drinks excessively around her. Sylvia said Baylee’s mother also smokes weed and there no telling what else around her. Sylvia said the home the family lives in has dogs and feces inside of it. Sylvia said Baylee told her son she hates her mother and wants to live with her grandparents. Sylvia said she would like for Baylee’s mother to not be informed ahead of time because if she is she will hide everything. Shana said she is

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