Greyson Gray Camp Legend Summary

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The main conflict of Greyson Gray: Camp Legend is when the campers discover and stop a terrorist plot. When Greyson first arrived at Morris College All-Sports Camp he had never heard of the observatory legend. This legend tells of an oracle named Eye of Eyes who took 13 innocent children and sacrificed them one by one to his gods. When he came upon the last child he saw that the boy was not crying but was full of courage and the oracle grew afraid so he took his own life instead. The thirteenth child went back to the village and when he grew up he built an observatory where Eye of Eyes had killed these 12 innocent children as a memorial. The camp counselors had told the kids this legend in hopes of scaring them into following the camp rules, …show more content…

While at camp, Greyson overhears some cafeteria workers having a suspicious conversation about the observatory. One of the cafeteria workers warns Greyson “You will not tell a soul about whatever you heard.” Greyson decides to lead a group of his friends to the observatory to investigate the legend when they discover the cafeteria workers and some other men pretending to be astronomers and hiding a secret. The fake astronomers convince the kids to return to camp, but Greyson remembers the last thing that his dad told him, "Do the good that should be done" and he works with his camp counselor to plan a return trip to the observatory. Greyson assigns each of his friends an important role in the plan and under Greyson’s leadership they manage to sneak into the observatory and steal two keys that the terrorists need to launch a missile hidden inside. Like a true hero, Greyson leads the terrorists on a great chase back to camp, “The bullets hit, blashing chunks from the trees all around them. Bark rained on the hood and their heads; sharp splinters stung their faces, forcing Greyson to stomp on the brakes and throw himself into the back of the cart, dragging Sydney with him.” and he remains brave and daring even when he ends up being taken hostage. Finally, when the FBI arrives to deal with the terrorists, Greyson and his friends use their best sport skills one last time to stop the attack

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