Grendel's Mother And The Dragon In Beowulf

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Almost all historical accounts have, and always will be, written by people in positions of power. The more power and influence a person has, the more the writing will be what that person of power wants, not what actually happened. Grendel, his mom, and the dragon are prime examples of this exact thing. All three have had their versions of the story erased from Beowulf. Grendel did not choose to become a monster. Grendel’s mom did not expect her son to get murdered, so it is understandable that she gets angry at Beowulf and his crew. The dragon was just minding its own business when someone stole from its hoard of gold and treasures. Grendel was just a poor creature who had a curse unwillingly forced upon him. “He bore the curse of the seed of Cain whereby God punished the grievous guilt of Abel’s murder.” (lines 65-67) Grendel, by no fault of his own, was labeled as a monster from the day he was born. It was not his fault that Cain decided to murder his brother Abel. The curse of Cain should have been put only on Cain and not passed down through Cain’s lineage. “He slays and slaughters and works his will, fearing no hurt at the hands of the Danes!” (466-467) Grendel is not afraid to die, it is shown by how he does not care if …show more content…

“The mother of Grendel, a monstrous hag, brooded over her misery.” (814-815) Grendel’s mom shows that not only do Grendel and his mom feel hostile emotions, they also show compassionate emotions. They react the same way that the people of the village do when something bad happens to them. “But rabid and raging his mother resolved on a dreadful revenge for the death of her son!” (817-818) This also shows a side of a creature who demonstrates human emotions the exact same as any other person would. Grendel and his mom are not monsters, they are just misunderstood creatures who got unlucky enough to cross paths with Beowulf and his

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