Grendel, His Mother And The Monster In Beowulf

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In Christian medieval culture, a monster was the word that referred to birth defects, which were always understood as an ominous sign from God (Carpentier). They were seen as sign of disobedience or of bad things to come and it is exactly what these monsters were in this epic poem. Beowulf consists of a series of monsters, all having a different meaning in the poem, they each represent something and are not just there for him to fight off and kill. Beowulf is faced with three monsters throughout the epic poem, Grendel, his mother and the dragon, but exactly who or what are they and what do they represent? Grendel, the first monster encountered in Beowulf, is introduced as a creature who leaves terror and causes harm. However, he is not really described physically, meaning that his characteristics and appearances are of no importance in the poem rather it is his actions that are. It is learned that Grendel is…show more content…
Unlike Grendel, she receives has no name of her own, she is simply referred to as Grendel’s mother. If Grendel is descended from the line of Cain, then his mother must be a part of that descent, his status, therefore, is in some ways dependent on hers (Slusser). Grendel 's mother is not as powerful Grendel, but she is motivated by revenge after finding out what the had been done to her son. She set out on a “savage journey” grief racked and ravenous, desperate for revenge (Beowulf, lines 1276-1278) She head out for the mead-hall looking to take her anger out on the people who killed her son. She manages to kill one of many men but leaves when she sees the strength of the men at the hall. Beowulf follows her and is determined to kill her, doing this results in him becoming the invader into her hall just as Grendel and her where in Heorot. Here Grendel’s mother fights back when Beowulf attacks her, however not being as string as Grendel, she also ends up being killed (Beowulf,

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