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638 words

In the “Class Of America” article, the author Gregory Mantsios displays his point of view on what society says class individuals are in and how that affects their lives further than people in America think. Mantsios believes that citizens in the United States prefer not be put in different social categories like higher, middle, or lower class just because of the income value. Mantsios elaborates on his beliefs about class categories in America and disproves them by using statistics for evidence. In example, he claims that the class you are placed in will affect your lifestyle. Mantsios also debates that whatever class you fall under reflects on how well you will prosper in life, just like schools connecting test scores and the level of schooling the student receives. Whatever class a person is categorized in defining their future in life, even, if they choose to not see it that way that’s how it is. Mantsios lays out his facts by using statistics and his own models to deliver his point of view. He also demonstrates numerous approaches of analysis like argument, logic, proof, convincing appeals, style and structure justify his point of view to the …show more content…

Mantsios uses multiple facts to support his belief and shows life from different classes, and with showing you their background he’s showing you if they had a chance to be successful by showing how their parents were. That shows that it will affect an individual in during their childhood, as well as, their adulthood. He wants the readers to see if their parents didn’t succeed there is no way the average person

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how gregory mantsios' "class of america" article disproves his beliefs about class categories in america by using statistics for evidence.
  • Analyzes how mantsios lays out his facts by using statistics and his own models to deliver his point of view.
  • Analyzes how mantsios uses logos to support his viewpoints on class value.
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