Greek Myths In Today's Society

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Reflection of Greek Myths in Today’s Society People these days customarily and even times longer ago seem to fixate on the outcome rather than how a particular situation it came to be which can be either a good or lamentable thing. According to novel Heroes, Gods, and Monsters of The Greek Myths by Bernard Evslin, the gods of the book seemed to play an immensely colossal part in day to day lives for themselves, but what about the mortals whom have no good interactions with the gods or heroes whatsoever? Their erudition is destitute of because they had no conception what was transpiring at Mount Olympus and possibly just thought the arbitrary gift of fire or the one failed endeavor in sun elevating was just a fluke both of which, resulted …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the impact of the greek myths on society, stating that the gods play a colossal role in everyday life, but mortals have no good interactions with the heroes.
  • Analyzes how greek mythology has more references than just a love storyline between zeus and his sister, hera.
  • Explains that a trojan virus gets into the computer, but only because it was disguised as something else. there are multiple greek named cities in every single us state.
  • Analyzes how zeus is a great example of what not to do when you are married and how marrying your sister is not the best of the ideas that the gods have had.

Greek Mythology has to have plenty more references hands down whether they people notice them or not. For example, the gods have helped more than with just providing a very interesting love storyline between Zeus and his sister, Hera. They have actually played a part in developing words such as “narcissistic” and “echo” from the story of Narcissus and Echo. “Narcissistic" deriving from Narcissus being self loathing and in love with his appearance so much causing him to never have the ability to look away from himself and “echo” coming also from the curse Hera possessed upon her by making the only words she can say the last words she had most recently heard. This is also why it is rumored that if you call into a cave loud enough, Echo may just return your call. New vocabulary is not the only advantage that came from these stories though. Even some of the most common books could be compared to these events of the greek gods. Again with Narcissus and Echo, you could easily make a comparison chart between Romeo and Juliet as they both account of two young naive teenagers whose situations happen to be the extreme when love gets involved in a position that otherwise, would not have gone array as it did. These two books also could lead into a more popular book today called The Fault in Our Stars and this can be inferred because of the fact that all three books have the consistent plot line of a boy and a girl being madly in love with each other, but something separates or gets in the way of this whether it be curses by gods or belonging to the house of a sworn enemy or even cancer. Amazingly enough, these stories are not only reflected in literature as possibly assumed as they are present in names of important cities or in today’s

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