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Leonard Covello presented, as a “Teacher with the Heart” by Vitto Perrone is one of many educators who truly loved what he did. Covello, Italian immigrant who came to the U.S. in 1896 with his family seeking better live. As a young man had to leave school and go to work in order to help support his family. Fortunately, returned to school, finished it and became later on one of the best teachers and friends ever. During his school years, his name was changed by one of his teachers from original Leonardo Coviello. He started to question educational system and had awareness of inequality. He was always proud of his culture, love that he had for his students and others came out as a involvement in community centers and formation of Il Italiano Club. As an educator his teaching and help was in hands-on form. Covello was often visiting students’ homes and even use the school for open hours. He had lots of respect for others and anyone could come ask him for help or just to talk. His involvement keeps him in touch with dropped out students and is willing to help them get back to school.

Having Covello as a friend and educator is truly a treasure.

Since my elementary school, as I can remember I never met a teacher like Covello. Most of my teachers were using narrative, where students are just to listen what teacher have to say and banking in which teachers required us to withdraw the knowledge we were supposed to be storing all that time. Until exam after which all the knowledge was important and truly most that knowledge is gone. Not even any problem with learning but also if there was any problem outside of school, there was anybody who I could talk with. I remember when one time my brother got into fight with another s...

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...f somebody like Covello was sitting at the Admission office that time. Somebody who would do his best to help me, have time to make sure I understand, since I did speak English just found myself in different system. I know that Covello would understand me.

There was also a moment when I was changing my major few times. I had some counseling but clearly not well enough for me to figure out what I wanted.

Therefore, I believe that Covello is very important person especially for immigrants, since he was one himself. He was not only an educator but also friend and guard. Every school should be able to do what he was doing, helping students figure out their problems or just listen what they have to say. If there are thousands of teachers in one school, we should be able to find at least one. Unfortunately it is not easy to find one like Covello.


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