“Greasy Lake”

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“Greasy Lake” by T. C. Bolyle narrated from the perspective of an unnamed narrator, told as a reflective account of his youth. In the story, he recounts details of his experiences on a summer evening with two friends. The reader experiences the misadventures of the protagonist that night along as told from the viewpoint of the now mature narrators retrospective. Exposed in the story are two character traits of the protagonist. Those traits are immaturity and rebellion, along with the trait of introspection on the part of the narrator. Accordingly the protagonist’s lack of maturity is shown in a lack of concern for the consequences of his actions combined with his belief that a bad reputation was all he needed .At the confrontation at Greasy Lake he makes decisions without thought of the consequences. He uses his mother’s station wagon to cruise, drink, party, and toss eggs ,safe in the knowledge that if caught his family would cover for him ,all the time never thinking of the risks or the cost to his family or future. His friends and he have the view their college education, at I...

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