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Erin Allbritton Mr. Williams CGA101 23 April 2014 Ways that Graphic Designers and Artists are Similar and Different. In our every day lives, we see all kinds of jobs. When you see someone working outside, in an office, or publishing books. But because of technology and paint supplies, those two items became known for two careers. Graphic designers are people who have experience with technology and do all kinds of jobs. Whether it’s working with a program/software, type-based design, using image and then type, or just by simply doing symbols/logos. Plus: Graphic designers can also make ads/advertisements for products and home items. Graphic designers do all kinds of interesting stuff and average graphic designers get paid over $42,138,000 for doing their jobs as their salary. An artist is known to be a person who works with paint, charcoal, pastels, and someone who can also draw. But when it comes to their careers, average artists get paid starting at $28,560,000 and climbs up to $42,840,000. The payments/salaries are different depending on what type of work you do as an artist. Paula Scher is one of the famous graphic art designers of our time. For the past three decades, she’s been doing tremendous work. With describing graphic designers, there are many words to describe them and the words are also known as attributes. Idealistic is one of the attributes that Paula has with being a graphic designer. The term: “Idealistic” means Paula has a ton of ideas for projects and she was able to find a way to put herself out there by working with technology. Ambitious also became of a way of describing Paula. Ambitious is when someone has a desire of becoming successful with obtaining success, having power, becoming wealthy, ... ... middle of paper ... ...ign. There was known to be controversial issues with how taste and opinions are different. But with the cases built it, both jobs do have similarities and their differences. Their differences also relate to the salaries and how much each employee gets paid. Artists and graphic designers don’t get paid the same, which does happen. Getting paid depends on the months, days, weeks, or years that you work. Both jobs don’t get paid the same, because there are different things being used by both jobs. Graphic designers and artists are the same in some ways, but they are also very different from each other. Artists usually use paint sets and graphic designers use technology. But in some cases, artists use technology too. It only reflects and depends on what the person uses for their job. Graphic designers are the same way, but also use more advertisements than artists do.
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