Grand Canyon

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Introduction The very famous National Park Grand Canyon is located in the state of Arizona. The canyon is carved by the Colorado River, which is an iconic feature within the canyon. The Grand Canyon park is on the area of 4 926 km², it’s 277 miles long and up to 18 miles wide. The living history of Grand Canyon goes 10,500 years back in time, where it has been proven that people actually lived around there. Along with other cultures, Native Americans were on of the groups that lived here. Grand Canyon is one of the worlds’ top parks that attract nearly five million visitors each year. One million of the visitors are international, so it’s not a secret that many people think that that Grand Canyon is a place that must be visited during a lifetime. The national park is divided in different part, the me most famous ones are: the South Rim, North Rim and the Inner Canyon. South Rim is open all year, it’s 2134 m above the sea, this area is where 90% of the visitors go and of course were we will go too. The less accessible part, but equally as amazing is the North Rim, which is 2438 m above the sea and also 305 m higher than South Rim. Unfortunately this parts’ season is only open may-October. For all you hikers, mule riders and true adventurous people, the Inner Canyon, which we also will visit, is a must! The climate in Granc Canyon varies depending on what part of the park you are in. During the summer it could be up to 45 degrees Celsius hot. The coolest and the wettest part is the North rim, where the coolest temperature so far was February 1, 1985 when the temperature was -22 degrees Fahrenheit. During the 1900, the Grand Canyon had about 45 earthquakes and five of them were 5.0 or above. Over the past two million years, hund... ... middle of paper ... ... the Grand Canyon Park today was ”taken” from the Kaibab National Forest in 1919. Today, when visitors visits Grand Canyon National Park, driving from the major roads to get to the South and North rim they have to pass some parts of the Kaibab National Forest. These could be reasons why the forest is considered to be a gateway to the Canyon, although the National Park Service and the Forest Service have not had the best relation between each other. The word “Kaibab” means “mounting lying down” and is the Paiute name for the Grand Canyon. In 1906, president Roosevelt indicated a part of the Grand Canyon Forest Reserve as a game preserve to the Kaibab National Forest. Today, those 600,000 are parts of the Kaibab National Forest. It all began in 1908 when Roosevelt “made” Grand Canyon National Monument, that in 1919 changed its name to “Grand Canyon National Park”.

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