Graduation Speech : My Experience With Education

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In my previous experience with education, I have had the opportunity to become immersed in different types of academia. Every time I have transitioned into different instructional environments, the distinctions between teaching techniques, social interaction, etc. were extreme in my eyes; being the only thing I associated with changing schools. I believed that the change was unnecessary and I would perform optimally in my current situation. My parents’ decisions for my education challenged my beliefs and as a minor, I respected their decisions begrudgingly. Although I thought their choices were unkind as the time, through that exposure to diversification, I fully believe that I have acquired that ability to be receptive and open to new ideas, opinions and concepts. As a young child, I started school through the public system in Concord, CA. From preschool to kindergarten, I made friends, behaved admirably, and completed all that was required of me. In addition to the lessons taught by my teacher, with the help of my mother, I read books and practiced math at home. I went as far as reading chapter books, writing words on my own and practicing short division. Though my teacher did not react very well to my learning ahead of the curriculum, I continued to read chapter books for show and tell and insisted on writing without tracing implements. When my teacher continually asked my mother to stop teaching me on her own, my mother decided to take me out of school and home school me on her own. I was too young to know anything but the fact that I was leaving all of my friends and I believed I believed I would never have the chance to make new ones without being in public school. She provided my schooling and gave me individual attention... ... middle of paper ... ...ght about many examples in my life that could sufficiently exhibit the way I respond to change. I found that my journey in education would best answer the prompt as there have been many changes and challenges provided to me along the way. I also had the impression that using such a personal set of events would best show the raw, honest truth of the evolution of my character. My responses to these obstacles have evolved as I have grown through each one and in that time, I have had much practice in perfecting my reaction to change. My course of understanding is now so open, that presented with a debate I sometimes have difficulty deciding which view to commit to as I can see the logic in both sides. I feel that my capabilities would be best exercised in the honors program to further challenge myself and utilize my willingness to be presented with new ideas and concepts.

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