Good Vs. Evil In Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

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Chapter 10 is a letter on why Jekyll did what he did with his and how Hyde even came about. During Jekyll adult life, he realized he had two different personalities. This connect to the theme of the story good vs. evil. Jekyll felt as though if he had two different natures then why not make two different bodies as well. Since he was a scientist that is what he did. He begin to research ways to make that happen. After, finding a solution he began his experiment. The experiment worked and his appearance changed. According to Stevenson (1986/2004), Jekyll “saw for the first time the appearance of Edward Hyde” (p. 68). Jekyll finally found his evil side. After getting connect to his new evil appearance he then began to worry. Since this was his first test experiment he worried if he would every see Jekyll again or appear as Hyde for the rest of his life. Not knowing what would happen: he thought of all He believe that the each side should be expressed individually. His experiment suppose this claim because all though out this story. Jekyll was his good side while Hyde was his bad. When he was Hyde he harmed so many people and turned back into good like nothing ever happened. The duality of human nature is when you have two differences in the way you think, feel and act. Which connects back to Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud: superego and good vs. evil. I would compare Jekyll and Hyde to the makings of chocolate milk. When you start off you have a bright white cup of milk. After, adding the chocolate syrup it turn darks. After becoming chocolate like it could no longer be that bright white cup of milk again. Just like Jekyll and Hyde: once Jekyll drunk his experiment he turned into Hyde. Although he turned back to himself, both sides of him was gone: he was no longer himself (Stevenson, 1986/2004, p.65). This chapter show the true meaning of good vs.

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