Globalization And Its Contents By Peter Marber

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Globalization is a very broad term which “encompasses all cross-border interactions, whether economic, politics or cultural”(Marber 67). Even though globalization is a broad term, it is meet with a lot of hostility and praise. Peter Marber’s article, “Globalization and Its Contents” seeks to explain what globalization is and what opposition it faces. Since the 1950’s life on earth has improved significantly. Individuals all over the world are living lengthier and healthier lives. The workday has significantly decreased, while the money gained per hour has increased. There is a higher capacity of educated individuals and the middle class is growing and thriving. More people have rights than ever before which is leading to political stability. All of these significant improvements can be placed on globalization. Even though, the 1950’s are when the world started to rapidly advance, within the last two decades we have advanced faster than we ever have before. However this advancement is not just met with happiness, but a great deal of adversity is noticeable. Many countries and people have not been excited about globalization and try to impede its progress by using tactics such as protectionism and armed conflict. I found this article interestingly relatable. Both of my parents are from 3rd world countries and it amazes them every time they visit how much globalization has affected them. My mother is from the country of Guyana. While growing up there, to use the restroom, she had out door bathroom, also known as an outhouse, and to bathe there was a big bathtub and they boiled water from the stream and pored it in and she took a bath. When my mother and I visited Guyana this summer, it was nowhere near what her Guyana looked like.... ... middle of paper ... ...ed packagers, managers, floor-workers and many more. This article has shown me that in today economy, a major in logistics or computer information systems will never leave me out of a job. Likewise, that to survive in this fast pace world that a college degree is no longer an accessory, but a necessity. In conclusion of Marber’s Article, he acknowledges that “globalization is not a perfect process” or a “panacea for every problem for every person at every moment in time” (Marber 72). Which is entirely true, globalization has helped the world make positive strides, but not every positive stride is a good stride. However, individuals that are resisting globalization, should realize that if there is no progress there is no change and change is a necessary part of every society. Thus globalization is here to stay and all people need to embrace that reality of change.

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