George Bush vs. John Kerry

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For the 2004 presidential election, Republican president George W. Bush is attempting to defend his post and reassure the American people that his political choices are the best for our country. His opponent, Democratic senator John Kerry believes that his political ideas will be better for a changing America. Four main topics debated on by the candidates are: Homeland Security, Civil Rights, Education (no child left behind), and the Economy. The two candidates have differing views on most of these topics. President George W. Bush believes that we need to stay our course. With military action in Iraq, Bush is confident that in the next four years as president he will strengthen Homeland Security, improve our schools with higher standards for teachers, and boost our economy. John Kerry however, believes that he has a better plan for “strength and security,” “world class education for all,” and “a stronger economy.” Never before have preliminary polls shown a closer presidential race. With this paper I plan to separate the candidates and prove that there is a better candidate.

Homeland Security :

After September eleventh, President George W. Bush signed a congressional bill to create a department of Homeland Security. This department examines the levels of security risk at airports, ship ports, railway stations, and other public transportation locations. Both candidates Bush and Kerry agree that homeland security is a priority. Furthermore, the candidates have stated that it is essential to provide the American people with a strong common defense. For example, “both pledge to have the government spend more money to furnish first-responders-the police and firefighters who are the first to arrive on the scene of an accident or an attack-with the materials and equipment they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability” (David Dulio). The recent war in Iraq has divided the candidates on how to carry out the plan on homeland security. Bush believes that we must take a protective approach in Iraq to prevent further terrorist damage to the United States. Kerry on the other hand believes that the United States must seek international support in Iraq to insure safety at home and abroad.

Civil Rights:

The civil rights views of President Bush and Senator Kerry are not as clear cut as the others. The NAACP’s reviews of President Bush states “he has neither exhibited leadership on pressing civil rights issues, nor taken action that matched his words” (Alternet.

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