Generation X

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Generation X When seeking information on differences, good and bad, between the Baby Boomers and Generation X, what better experts than my parents. After all they have done the 50's thru the 90's. They have seen the different trends and I'm sure attempted to set a few of their own. As the conversation went on about the differences and similarities, we all became passionate about certain aspects of growing up. It started with the clothes, and then television and it got intense when we got to the music. We couldn't move off the music and onto the next comparisons, which would have been politics and then the effects television has had. Both of which are slightly mentioned in this paper but certainly not in the depth they deserve. When all was said and done about music, I walked away strongly believing that there are those of us who have no doubt that as Don McLain says in his song "American Pie," there is truly a day when the music died. The difference of opinion is when did the music die? Was it when Buddy Holly died or Elvis? Was it when Janis Joplin died? Some people say that it was when Jimmy Hendrix died. Some of today's youth feel it was when Kurt Cobain died. This discussion can go on and on into the next millennium when different names will be added to that list. Each generation will decide for themselves when the music died and they will each be idealistically correct. Socially, we grow from generation to generation. There are different habits that each generation has, but in the end, each generation is the same as the one before and the one before that. One generation just develops different habits. In the end people all want the same thing, but they go about it differently. What was important to the ... ... middle of paper ... ...sses. The styles are different, the message the same, the end must justify the means no matter who holds the cards. You can't riot in the streets of New York or Los Angeles causing harm to people and property to shed light on the lack of equality. Al Sharpton is equal to John Q. Public. Because Sharpton calls for a "rally" that's turns "ugly" he and any powerful figure is subject to the same laws that govern us all. Yes, strength is in numbers, we have learned that throughout our lives. This has to be used to a persons advantage. There is a society today that has been thru so many changes over the last 200 years. Changes, some for better, some not. So when the stories are written in 2020 about the generation of the 1990's, the reader must remember, for it will hold true then that socially, we are the same, creatures of our environment, reaping what we sow.
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