Gender Inequality In The Film 'From Iron Girl To Leftovers'

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Ever since the new millennium, the number of contemporary issues has been on a rise as people are enlightened on their rights and responsibilities. The film “From Iron Girl to Leftovers” airs gender inequality as a primary concern. The next discussion will focus on gender inequality as aired on the film. It will attempt to highlight why the subject is sensitive in China and the world as a whole. Also, it will attempt to explain why gender inequality is such a major issue. It will explore the various dominant norms in mate-selection that makes it a contemporary issue in China. To conclude, I will offer my opinion and stand on the subject.
As stated earlier, gender issues is a major contemporary issue not only in China but the world as a whole.
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She gives examples with the females, whom she believes are great role models to the entire world. One of the major issues aired in the videos is the lack of self-belief most women have. According to the narrator, the greatest weapon a woman can have is that of self-confidence. She believes that women should not be brought down by the society and obstructed from their dreams. Once one has sufficient self-belief, no one can prevent them from achieving their goals as they become unstoppable. With self-belief, one can even carry out the tasks they did not believe that they could do. Also, she advises women to learn to take critism as it enables them shape their lives and perform duties in a better…show more content…
She is proud of these women as it is not easy for them succeed in the harsh environment. However, as time progresses, women are given more power and responsibilities in accordance to their capabilities. Also, most societies have allocated various slots for women in power and managerial positions to achieve equality and empower women. Despite of all these opportunities, some men still look down on the women as they believe that they are the superior gender. Nonetheless, the narrator advises women to turn a blind ear to the discouraging words and go ahead to achieve their
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