Gender And Gender Differences: The Gender Roles Of Society

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Society is comprised of two different sexes and they are “men” and “women.” A person’s “sex” is determined when they are conceived and whether they are male or female will attribute to their upbringing. Women are known as the “reproductive” ones and therefore, are more nurturing and usually tend to the home. In contrast, a man exhibits different qualities such as masculinity, strength, and in most cases, superior to women. The two articles written by Joan Scott and Alice Kessler define the gender roles of women (and men) and elaborate on the differences that these two “sexes” have to endure in every aspect of their lives. According to Joan Scott, “sex” and “gender” have two separate meanings. Scott’s definition of gender is “a constitutive element of social relationships based on perceived differences…and is a primary way of signifying relationships of power.” A person’s gender varies based on their cultural, social, traditional and religious backgrounds. Many historians are riveted by the term “gender” and are vying to research it in depth to determine its actual meaning. In addition, each person will express…show more content…
Furthermore, the “descriptive” category of gender would be how a person presents themselves to society by certain characteristic traits, etc. and the “causal” would be ones interpretation as to who and why they are presenting themselves in a unique way. As Historian Carol Gilligan explained of “the divergent paths of moral development followed by boys and girls in terms of differences of experience (lived reality). As a girl or boy develops, their realties are different which therefore can determine their gender based on their
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